Dr.in Carina Borst (StV-Postgrad.)

2. Jahr des Doktoratsstudiums der Angewandten Medizinischen Wissenschaft

Dear colleagues, 

my name is Carina Borst and I am a second-year PhD student in the Doctoral Programme of Applied Medical Science (N790), Regeneration of Bones and Joints. In 2017, I graduated from the Medical University of Vienna with a degree in Medicine. I have been officially representing students at our university since my second year of medical school. This gave me the chance to acquire experience and insights into university policies and to understand necessary steps to change curricular elements.

I have decided to run for PhD students’ representative (Studienvertretung für die Postgraduellen Studiengänge, StV Postgrad) as I have noticed various problems I want to tackle – ranging from a nonexistent platform for PhD students to connect and interact, to a lack of easily accessible and gathered information about our PhD programmes as well as lectures of varying quality.

I would appreciate the opportunity to solve these and other emerging problems as a member of our StV Postgrad.