Dr. Tobias Meischl (StV-Postgrad.)

1. Jahr des Doktoratsstudiums der Angewandten Medizinischen Wissenschaft

Dear colleagues,

my name is Tobias Meischl, I am studying Clinical Experimental Oncology in the Doctoral Programme of Applied Medical Science (N790).

As many of you experience every day, both PhD programmes have serious issues that need to be addressed by a strong student representation. Of those many problems, the main focus of my work as PhD student representative will be on making it easier to combine studying in a PhD programme with clinical work. One major goal will be to shift as many courses – that are mainly to be attended by students who also work in clinical practice – into the afternoon or evening hours. Furthermore, information about courses and administrative processes needs to be up-to-date and easier available.

I would very much appreciate your vote and if I get elected I will work hard not only for the improvement of both PhD studies but also to make our university the best place it can be for all its students, employees and patients.